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You’ve heard it countless times.  In numerous iterations.  Imploring that until you can learn to love yourself, you will be unable to manifest your dreams, unhappy with your very existence and the most frequent of them all; you will be unable to love anyone else if you do not first, love yourself.

You recognize the truth in the sentiment.  Something feels innately correct in the exclamations.  But what does it mean?  What does it mean to “love” yourself?

I believe we get caught up in semantics.  Believing that loving ourselves means trying to love the person that we are, exactly as we are.  Meaning, loving our personalities, our bodies, our opinions and ways of looking at the world.  Loving our histories, our mistakes, and even our negative traits.  I do believe those things are noble pursuits.  However unobtainable they may be.

However, what if the answer was much simpler?

If loving someone is a verb, an action, a demonstration…then why would loving your self not be the same?  What if love of your self is not some abstract concept, but rather, a set of actions that in so doing, left you feeling loved?  What if loving yourself could be a destination achieved through small, everyday acts of loving kindness and self-care?  Small ACTS of love that in purposely cultivating, brought you to the place of loving yourself by feeling loved, actively loved, by YOU?

I believe it to be so.  Here are some ways that I have learned to show acts of love for myself and in so doing, find it much easier to love others. (Small Acts of Big Self Love)

Use this list and make it your own.  Add those things that make you feel most loved and cared for.  Print it out and post it somewhere that you will be reminded to do these things. Daily.  And when you are feeling the most rejected and unloved, hourly if needed.  You will find that learning to love yourself this way, is part of the process of healing.  If not THE process itself.


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